Drive profits and performance with real time feedback

Feedback solutions that are simple to use, proven and immediate. It’s like having a mystery shopper working for you around the clock.

Realtime customer feedback from ViewPoint

Better Feedback In Realtime

Research firm Gartner found that in-the-moment feedback is up to 40% more accurate than asking at a later time.

Our short, touchscreen surveys let people quickly and easily record their satisfaction level - and you’re updated with the results instantaneously.

Realtime customer feedback from ViewPoint

Understand The Real Why

We can go beyond simple surveys to include follow up questions crafted specifically to uncover what drives each rating, providing insights that you can't capture through other types of surveys.

Realtime customer feedback from ViewPoint

Know What’s Happening Right Now

ViewPoint survey responses are reported immediately and real-time alerts let you know exactly what’s going on, giving you insights way before dips in satisfaction hit your bottom line.

Realtime customer feedback from ViewPoint

Increase Satisfaction Across The Board

Because ViewPoint surveys are accessible to everyone in the moment, those who decide against spending money with you have the opportunity to tell you why… and let you fix it.

Realtime customer feedback from ViewPoint

See Your Improvements Boost Your Results

See how the changes you make directly impact your bottom line. You’ll be able to stop guessing and actually see what makes a difference.

Realtime customer feedback from ViewPoint

The World’s Top Brands Use ViewPoint

Instant Insight

Know what people are thinking right now and find out immediately when satisfaction levels change.

Deeper Insights

Actionable insights from customizable dashboards that track satisfaction levels by the minute.

Faster Responses

See changes to satisfaction levels in real-time; find out why they’ve changed and react immediately.

Increased Satisfaction

Understand what drives satisfaction. Ensure you have all the elements in place to keep levels high.

Measurable Improvement

Gain actionable insights, make changes and instantly measure their impact.

“ViewPoint provided us with the perfect solution for our needs, providing feedback exactly when and where we need it. It really does do what it says on the tin!”
Project Manager, Tui
“Having ViewPoint kiosks in store is like having a dozen mystery shoppers reporting their in-store experiences every day.” 
Store Owner, Specsavers
“ViewPoint enable us to really understand what our patients and carers think. They provide us with fantastic support – it’s a true partnership.” Patient Experience Officer, Royal Free NHS Trust