10 Reasons to use In-The-Moment Customer Feedback

10 Reasons to use In-The-Moment Customer Feedback

We’re all so busy, rushing here and there, making decisions on the hoof and avoiding anything that might add to the stress. 

OK so maybe that’s a harsh view on life, but it’s certainly true that we’re doing the jobs of 3 people, managing multiple social platforms, avoiding things that seem like a waste of time and always conscious that there’s ‘so much to do today’.

And that’s why adding a traditional feedback form or survey into the mix is really NOT going to work for most people. This is also why the rise of in the moment feedback methods is so apparent – from airport security ‘Push Button’ terminals to ‘Pulse surveys on tablets’ for rolling employee feedback – there’s no escaping that fast feedback is everywhere now. It works for a host of reasons, and here are 10 that are worth considering:

  1. Response levels are higher than traditional methods, with some organisations gaining feedback from up to 25% of footfall.
  2. Accuracy of data is improved too, with technology validation through clever algorithms and higher levels of feedback overall – however Gartner state that feedback at the point of experience is 40% more accurate than from just 24 hours later.
  3. It’s just so easy for the customer, patient or employee – no need to open an online survey and type in codes. No need to open an app or an envelope! If done well, there’s actually not much to even think about – just give feedback in that moment on the best technology for that moment.
  4. Every response is time stamped – which means data is pinpointing any issues right to that second. Over time the trends are powerful and revealing.
  5. There’s absolutely no burden on staff or other resources.
  6. It supplements other data such as annual surveys or transactional data and provides a moment by moment track of satisfaction, other ratings and key successes or failures.
  7. It can show the respondent that you care. Active listening, even though via technology, can be on brand, positive and loyalty building.
  8. It adds to the experience. When done well, in the moment customer feedback can add to the overall experience because it doesn’t interrupt or annoy.
  9. It’s predictive. Certain responses can quickly (even instantly via live alerts) lead to dynamic reports and alerts for action to be taken before a larger service issue occurs.
  10. It pays back. There’s no doubt that improved service, avoiding escalating complaints, active listening and showing you care, easy engagement and improved overall experience has a return on investment.

Here are just 10 reasons for giving real time customer, patient or employee feedback your consideration. Maybe you can think of more – we would love to hear from you so tweet us and let us know!


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