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Understanding customer satisfaction Getting to the why

Understanding customer satisfaction: Getting to the why

Measuring customer satisfaction doesn’t tell you how to achieve it. You can measure levels of satisfaction; you can pore over reports showing the distribution of customers across the satisfaction spectrum. All of this is helpful as far as it goes, but the problem is that it doesn’t go far enough: it doesn’t provide insight into why the customer was satisfied or dissatisfied. To achieve this, you will need to understand the customer experience.

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6 Common Feedback Pitfalls to Avoid

6 Common Feedback Pitfalls to Avoid

ViewPoint helps organisations to radically improve the quality of their services. Our interactive feedback technology engages with consumers, patients, employees, and any other stakeholders, to understand their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the experience they encountered. Our unique smiley face surveys attract, engage, and encourage users to leave their thoughts.

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Real-time Feedback During COVID Vaccinations

Ensuring that you can quickly and easily gather feedback during COVID vaccinations is vital to help gauge and improve how people are feeling about their vaccination experience, in addition to getting insights into friends and family test (FFT) feedback. ViewPoint is pleased to be powering the feedback solutions for some of the United Kingdom’s vaccination centres and our data shows that patients are eager to provide quick tap feedback about their experience.

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