Case Study: Improving Patient Experience

Improving Patient Experience

Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust (TEWV) has over 250 sites that cover more than 3,600 square miles and employs over 5,700 people. Its service users are drawn from urban centres including Bishop Auckland, Durham, Hartlepool, Middlesbrough, Harrogate and Scarborough, as well as surrounding rural areas.

Finding simple to use patient engagement solutions that are robust, cost-effective and deliver consistent levels of qualitative and quantitative data – thereby enabling health managers to make important, patient-centric decisions – have been important considerations for the Trust’s management team.

TEWV turned to ViewPoint for help and advice, implementing the award-winning ViewPoint real-time survey and feedback solution as part of their strategic plan to improve overall levels of Patient Experience at the Trust.

Traditionally, TEWV had used postcards and early basic patient experience trackers on selected inpatient wards to collect patient opinions. Cards required manual input to an Excel spreadsheet and the trackers could not collect verbatim patient comments.

As the Trust was seeking to enhance its ability to measure and respond to patient experience feedback, it approached ViewPoint with a remit that included:

  • Providing unlimited Patient Experience surveys that can be adapted to react to changing response patterns
  • Rolling out Staff Engagement surveys which measure the Trust’s culture and value work in relation to its people
  • Measuring the effectiveness of Carer Strategy
  • Ensuring all surveys gave all demographics a strong and clear voice – e.g. those with learning difficulties, children and ethnic groups


Since partnering adopting ViewPoint as its preferred Patient Experience solution, TEWV has been delighted with the results it has generated. Our real-time, “point-of-experience” technologies, including touchscreen tablets and integrated online survey applications are now delivering significant benefits including:

  • Engagement with 25% more inpatients and community service users
  • A culture of continuous improvement has been embedded at the Trust enabling staff to highlight problems in real-time and enabling managers to deliver prompt remedial action
  • Internal buy-in at TEWV has led to 105 clinical areas using ViewPoint to measure satisfaction levels
  • Robust, real-time mechanisms have been created for timely Patient Experience intelligence for use by the Trust Board, regulators, external stakeholders and staff

ViewPoint gives us excellent Patient Experience evidence and has enabled us to demonstrate that we have robust mechanisms in place to gather and act on the feedback. At individual, ward and team level, changes are occurring month on month as teams receive their feedback and constantly strive to respond and improve their services. ViewPoint has developed specific reports that utilise the exact scoring used in the NHS Employers Engagement Toolkit, which has been extremely helpful.

Corinne Aspel - Lead Senior Nurse Tweet

About ViewPoint Patient Feedback Solutions

ViewPoint helps organisations to radically improve the quality of their services. Our interactive feedback technology engages with customers, employees and stakeholders to understand their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the experience they encountered.

Our unique smiley face surveys attract, engage, and encourage users to leave their thoughts. Four reasons feedback kiosks are the preferred feedback collection method:

  • Lower cost customer survey solution
  • Suitable for all environments
  • Reliable and always on
  • Highly accurate insights


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