Covid-19 Response: Essential NHS Staff Feedback at Liverpool Hospital

In March 2020, Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Trust used ViewPoint kiosks to get feedback from NHS nursing staff working on dedicated Covid wards. Recognizing they needed critical information about how their staff were coping, in-the-moment feedback kiosks were deployed to gather insight as quickly as possible.

NHS Staff Feedback from the Frontline Response

Dedicated to capturing information about the fight against Covid-19, the specialist Covid survey was designed to give operational and actionable insight direct from frontline staff. The survey questions centred around the provision of PPE, nurse safety, emotional well-being, support, and the effectiveness of communication.

“ViewPoint helped us to engage with Staff during COVID and gain immediate insight into how it really felt to be on the frontline and everything that came with that. The Podiums still continue to enable us to respond in real-time to our colleagues’ wants and needs and ensure they are given the support they need to achieve great things.”
Caroline Marmion, OD Facilitator Liverpool NHS trust

Staff were immediately on board with the initiative, with more than 6,000 responses from NHS staff received in the first few weeks. Management teams were able to monitor results as they came through, and quickly created action plans to address staff concerns. Andy Childerhouse CEO at ViewPoint comments, “When we first spoke to Liverpool about their plans to collect feedback, we recognized speed was essential for the feedback to create the biggest impact. We worked with Liverpool to create an engaging survey and delivered the devices ready to plug and play. The feedback kiosks send survey responses direct to Liverpool’s unique online dashboard, making it simple for the team to get straight to the information they need quickly.”

Support NHS staff to maintain the necessary standards of care

By responding to the feedback given, the Trust was able to provide the best possible support and environment for the nurses delivering vital care at the height of the pandemic.

If, like Liverpool, you would like to utilize real-time feedback to maintain a dialogue with your staff during the Covid-19 response, please contact our team on 024 7660 8830 and ask for a survey demonstration or download our Staff Matter: Covid Survey brochure below.

Stay in touch with your staff during the response to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

NEW Staff Matter: Covid Survey


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