How to design gorgeous, branded surveys for feedback

Survey design for engaging feedback kiosks

Survey design is critical for the success of a feedback project. In a busy world, our minds block out much of what we see which means you typically have a matter of seconds to grab somebody’s attention and ask them to give you their feedback.

A feedback kiosk in a high footfall area, an email landing in an inbox, or a comment card at reception, the principal is the same – how will you make sure people engage?

The look and feel of your survey is the first thing people will notice. Does it grab attention? Does it stand out from the other things in the environment? Do you use your brand to focus attention?

How do you design a great survey?


Here are ViewPoint’s top tips for designing a beautiful – and effective – kiosk survey


1) Design surveys with connections to your brand

Use your logos and colours that connect your experience with your survey. This will help your respondents focus on their experience within your environment as they answer your questions. Read our guide to feedback button options.

2) Grab attention – but don’t over complicate!

The most important part of your feedback project is to get responses, so if the survey design detracts from that then your process will be less effective. Consider the visual appeal of the survey and balance that with how easy it is to read. Whilst colourful backgrounds are beautiful, sometimes a clear screen works best – especially if your question is complex or has lots of text. Remember to change your screen background for different style questions. Maybe be brave with your intro or rating question but keep it minimal on free text screens or tabular where the questions themselves make the screens a bit busier.

ViewPoint smiley face survey for feedback
ViewPoint tabular survey question on screen
ViewPoint Full Screen Image with Free text question
Real time feedback info screen with solid colour background and logo
Multi choice survey for real time feedback
NPS survey screen for real time feedback
With ViewPoint Survey Creator you can change the images on screens for each question, so you have the flexibility to make the impact you want.

3) Make the survey design readable

As with every communication from your brand, it should be inclusive and accessible. Ensure good contrast between colours and consider disabilities with colour options. You should refer to guidance for websites, such as , when constructing an onscreen survey.

4) Keep questions short and sweet

Short questions are easier to scan, and also allow you to crank up the font size to make it clearer to read – and compel interest from afar.

5) Use relevant graphics to support questions

We’ve heard it before, a picture speaks a thousand words. Simply images can be easier to understand – so use images and icons when you can. Complement with words to ensure understanding – for example, if you are asking about a particular product, you can use an image of that product on the screen or an individual question button. Read more about designing feedback buttons here.

6) Keep it interesting with different question types

This helps to maintain interest and engagement as customers travel through your survey. A smiley face rating question, followed by a multi-choice, with a tabular and then free text. Different styles give you the opportunity to flex your survey and keep it interesting.

ViewPoint Kiosk Survey Designer

ViewPoint’s unique survey creation tool enables you to design a survey that reflects your individuality and encompasses your brand’s personality.

From on-screen branding, the wording of your questions, and even the font type you choose – anything’s possible with ViewPoint.

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