Discover Gold in CSAT & ESAT Feedback Data with Quick View Reports

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ViewPoint’s online dashboard can display your feedback data in two ways – Standard reporting (where all the interactive charts and free text data lives) and Quick View Reports which gives you an ‘at a glance’ view of your data for your selected time period.

The Quick View Feedback Report is based on the first question in the survey eg “How was your experience today?” or “How are you feeling today?” and gives an ‘at a glance’ representation of the data in your chosen date range.

Understanding your CSAT / ESAT Quick View Report

CSAT Feedback reporting
  1. This shows a quick overview of CSAT/ ESAT scores. The smiley face images show the number of responses and they are represented at percentages in the donut.
  2. This graph shows the overall satisfaction score for the location.
  3. This chart shows the overall score for individual locations, displaying the top and bottom 3 locations for awareness / impact.
  4. View the daily trends and number of responses over the reporting period here.
  5. This heatmap visualises how scores vary by the hour for each day of the week.
  6. This bar chart shows the overall level of impact location. Locations can be compared to see the number and tone of responses.

What can you do with this Quick View Feedback Report?

Feedback is most useful when it is shared and it is timely. Therefore, ViewPoint has made it easy to share your feedback results with any of your stakeholders. For those with permissions to log in to the dashboard, they have full access on-demand, and others who receive live or static updates can view your selected reports when they choose. Feedback is best when shared!

Share a live link

Share results in real time – on demand! By creating a live link, anyone can go online and view the Quick View Feedback Report on demand. This can be shared for a specific set of dates – eg 1st – 31 January, or for the past 30 days – providing a constant update as the feedback flows in.

You may even want to share the widget on your intranet so that employees can see the live results each time they log in. Some people may share the data with their customers for complete transparency.

Share a PDF report

It’s quick and easy to save the report as a PDF and share it through email to your contacts or print and display it on notice boards.

Download raw data for external analysis

Customer and Employee feedback data isn’t reviewed on an island, in fact, this essential data can be useful in other organisation systems. Therefore all your data can be downloaded in a raw format and used in any way you need.

Survey Reporting from ViewPoint

And let us not forget the Standard reporting that sits alongside your Quick View Report. Where you get interactive with your feedback results. Drill down into different answer sets to understand more detail behind your data and see what is delivering the most impact to your customers and employees – or indeed start to form your improvement action plan.

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