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Select your feedback kiosk

Decide on the features that matter to you and your project.

1) What size feedback device do you need?

Your environment will help dictate which device is best for you. Your device should be able to command attention within the environment. Consider the space in which  you will be siting your device; do you need a large kiosk with large panel branding on the front, or is a more compact unit near an exit more suitable?

2) How flexible is your feedback kiosk? 

Touchscreen devices, such as those offered by ViewPoint, provide users with the flexibility to create bespoke surveys, using a variety of question types. We love smileys – be it 2, 3 4 5 or more! But often they are not enough – and sometimes not appropriate. In those circumstances text boxes, other images, stars or numbers can use used to capture that all important feedback. Touchscreen devices allow you to switch in and out of different  question styles on demand.

3) Portable feedback kiosks. Do you need to move your kiosk around?

Will your device be moved around a lot? It is an important consideration from the outset. If you need to move locations frequently, a device such as the Pulse+ with wheels is probably worth looking at. If it will be moved occasionally, then a kiosk like the ViewPoint Pulse, Pulse countertop or Sense would be ideal. Something like the Trend, however, is much heavier so you would only want to move on rare occasions. Once installed, wall mounted kiosks would require more effort to reposition!

4) Touchless / Touchscreen options for feedback kiosks

The nature of touchscreen feedback means lots of people engaging with your screen on a regular basis. Whilst this is fine in most environments, on occasions some users might feel hesitant to touch – that is where the touchless technology such as that utilised on the Sense comes in. With the Sense you can benefit from the same surveys but instead of touching the user hovers over the button to register a response.

5) Do you want to personalise your kiosk design?

Your kiosk should grab attention. Kiosks with 3D branding do just that! Look for a kiosk that stands out in its environment for maximum exposure and increased response rates. 

Also consider branding! ViewPoint you can add your own style to kiosk stands, head units, backboards and surveys themselves, to bring your brand to the heart of your communication. Explore the options available to you on your chosen device to decide how best to complement your environment, whilst commanding attention. 

6) How will you install your feedback kiosk?

Free standing kiosks can offer the easiest installation as they can be placed almost anywhere. Being near a power supply is best in most cases, although if that isn’t possible, batteries can be supplied for units such as the ViewPoint Pulse+. However, in places with limited floor space,  either wall mounted or counter top installations may be ideal.

ViewPoint Pulse
ViewPoint Pulse Counter top
ViewPoint Pulse Wall Mount
ViewPoint Pulse+
ViewPoint Sense
ViewPoint Trend

Don't limit your responses


Easy to capture anywhere

Kiosks are great for catching feedback in the moment and in your spaces. However, a feedback strategy  might need to include a variety of options to capture your audiences’ views  at their convienience . 

For example, online surveys access through your website or email , surveys embedded in to Apps, QR codes printed on literature and posters, email and web links to your survey enable you to spread the “capture net” further. 

A single solution that combines all these results is the best way to manage this feedback coming from multiple sources.

Capture feedback with kiosks in your spaces, QR codes on the go or embed in to your website or apps.

Collate all your feedback in one  accessible dashboard for in depth analysis.

Multi channel feedback capture

Customise your survey

The design of your survey is key. A well constructed survey will ensure you get the quantity and quality responses you need to analyse the experience you provided and make informed decisions about any changes needed.

Managing for feedback Survey design

The design of your survey has the ability to impact both attractiveness and ease of leaving feedback. Design surveys that are easy to engage with and intuitive to respond to. Often branded surveys help connect your respondent to your feedback. Graphics and colours can help to increase engagement!

Developing your feedback survey structure

If you have the visuals right, you now need to consider the survey structure!

Your surveys may be a single question, or may have a number of follow on questions. It might start with a smiley face rating question, followed by multi choice text, ending with a free text comment. But wait – why not add in a tabular? a second rating question, NPS score etc…

Being able to customise your survey, to create a flow bespoke to your project is important for your project. Start by understanding what you want to know, and build a survey that will provide it. Give yourself flexibility to build on and change your survey, as you start to review your results. Tweaking – or overhauling – your survey will help you to make sure your long term feedback goals are achieved.

Adding intelligence to surveys with routed questions

Routing surveys allows you to take your respondent with a personalised journey with their feedback. Routings allows you to pose different questions to users with differing experiences. This also helps to keep surveys shorter – only asking the questions relevant to them.

Live alerts from your feedback

Want to know immediately when things go wrong – rather that days or weeks after? Live alerts are essential for staying in the know! Set your parameters for service levels, and sit back knowing you’ll be informed if your people start reporting dips in the experience.

ViewPoint tabular survey question on screen
Multi choice survey for real time feedback
NPS survey screen for real time feedback
ViewPoint Full Screen Image with Free text question
ViewPoint smiley face survey for feedback

View your results

ViewPoint captures your feedback and uses powerful analytics tools to get you closer to your insights. Quickly!

Watch this short video to understand what is possible with the ViewPoint feedback reporting hub:

Full solution feedback

All round excellence at the tap of a button. ViewPoint feedback are specialists in real-time feedback. Our powerful solution makes it easier for you to focus on data driven improvement plans.


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