Employee Feedback Case Study: The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust

There are many reasons for implementing an employee feedback programme. Some of these are exemplified by our work with a busy acute elderly care ward at Mid Yorks Hospitals. 

The Elderly Care teams were experiencing issues attracting and retaining staff. Our remit was to gather staff feedback with a view to:

  1. Increasing morale
  2. Providing recommendations for better allocation of resources

Engaging staff with employee feedback

Our first priority was to engage staff. This sounds straightforward, yet according to Deloitte 87% of organisations say that employee engagement is one of their top challenges.

This is backed up by other research data. For example, HubSpot note that 39% of employees report they don’t feel appreciated at work and that turnover rates are 14.9% lower in companies that implement regular feedback.

A well thought-through employee feedback programme should address engagement issues, giving staff a platform to voice their concerns honestly with no fear of repercussion and providing assurance that management will listen and act – providing, of course, management act quickly and appropriately on feedback given. Where this happens, the impact on staff motivation and engagement can be significant.

Saving time and money with employee feedback

The changes made also saved time. The extra time available to staff reduced stress levels and increased job satisfaction.

"Staff have cut out unnecessary duplication of work and by reworking our staff structure we have freed up more time to get to know our patients better.

Seeing the feedback through fresh eyes, away from the pressures on the ward we could really see how our processes were not fit for us OR our patients… we designed a new model the whole team could get behind."

Claire Boothroyd, Ward Manager Tweet

Increasing productivity

The nursing staff at Mid-Yorks had great insight into the challenges they faced. A workshop to evaluate their feedback led to an improvement project that delivered the following operational changes:

  • A positive atmosphere in which patients and staff felt secure;
  • Improved morale and job satisfaction;
  • Better integration and communications between teams;
  • A framework for continuous improvement.

Using employee feedback to reduce churn 

Giving staff an opportunity to shape the solutions to their problems led to an increase in satisfaction and morale. 

“The difference has been amazing. The atmosphere has changed, and is commented on by regular visitors to the ward.”

Claire Boothroyd, Ward Manager Tweet

Happy staff equal staff that are likely to stick around. Consider the cost of recruitment and training coupled with the amount of time it takes for a new staff member to become truly effective in their role and the importance of reducing staff churn becomes clear.

Make a lasting impact

The changes were adopted as part of everyday working practice. The project has had a lasting impact making the ward a better, safer and happier place to be for staff and patients.

FFT Score

FFT score leapt to 90% after averaging at 60% before the project

Increase Confidence

Confidence and trust increased to 88%

Customer Perception

10% increase in the perception of the quantity of nurses

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