Employee Happiness on the Agenda

Employee Happiness on the agenda at Health & Wellbeing at Work Exhibition

In March, the ViewPoint team were delighted to attend the Health & Wellbeing at Work exhibition at the NEC. It was great to get back out there, speaking to people face to face, about the issues around employee wellbeing, and how feedback can play a huge part in helping organisations understand and improve their employees’ happiness.

what would you ask your team or employees

During the event, we invited visitors to answer the killer question – “What would you ask your employees?” We got a whole range of answers on the day (read more here) but the overwhelming most common queation to ask employees was “Are you happy?”. And it is an important question to ask as recently Indeed’s Work Happiness Score showed that 36% of employees are in fact not happy.

Over a third of employees are unhappy

Shockingly, Indeed’s Work Happiness Score – which measures how people feel at work and why – highlighted that 36% of people are unhappy in their jobs. The survey considered the different aspects that combine to form the overall sense of happiness, including belonging, appreciation, inclusion, support, purpose, energy, learning, achievement, trust, flexibility, compensation, stress level, satisfaction and manager support.

A few more employee happiness statistics:

• UK YouGov: only 17% of British workers love their job.
• OnePoll: the average worker spends a fifth of every year feeling unhappy in their role.
• OnePoll: 3/4 employees say workplace unhappiness has negatively impacted their physical and/or mental wellbeing.

Research from the University of Warwick published in 2022, concluded that employers should strive to make their workplaces emotionally healthy for their workforce, as happiness makes people more productive.

The Ultimate Guide to Employee Pulse Surveys

The Ultimate Guide to Employee Pulse Surveys

Learn how to take the guesswork out of deciding which employee happiness initiatives to focus on.

Recognising the importance of happiness in the workplace

A OnePoll study did find, however, that the overwhelming majority of people believe happiness at work is possible. So there is hope. And the good news is that the message seems to be heard. As we could evidence from our own mood board, and in our conversations with delegates, the genuine feeling was the acknowledgment of the importance of happiness and the desire to implement changes that help to improve their own employees’ happiness.

Understand happiness in your workplace – Before your good employees leave!

Losing employees has a lasting impact on a team. Not only are the essential skills lost (or at least reduced for a time) but the knock-on effect on the culture within an organisation or team can be detrimental to achieving organisational goals. ViewPoint help Human Resource teams, and managers whose remit includes employee wellbeing, to measure their own employee happiness, and see – in real-time – when things are great or when happiness drops. ViewPoint enables these professionals to create effective employee wellbeing surveys and understand why and counter the issues.

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