Feedback Buttons – Essential guide to design

Feedback Button Design

It’s a common compulsion – you see a button and you want to push it! That’s why buttons are so useful for feedback capture. Designing feedback buttons to attract attention and engage with people in your spaces is a great way to develop a process of listening, recording, and using thoughts and feelings about an experience. Or as we like to say – Capture, Analyse, Improve.


What are feedback buttons?


Feedback buttons in your spaces, on the go with QR codes or text messages, or on websites and email, collect quick feedback about an experience. Feedback buttons are quick to use and can be designed to suit different surveys and questionnaires. They can be used on a single question or used as part of a multi-question feedback capture. Adding a push-button survey to your customer insights solution can deliver an unrivaled volume of feedback.


What can you put on a feedback button?


1) Smiley Faces

These are great for an emotive question. Typically asking how people feel about a service, product, or experience. Smiley face buttons are a great start to a survey. They are attractive, engaging, and attention-grabbing. Not only that, but they are relatable. Quickly users can understand the purpose of the question and are quick to act – almost without thinking.


Smiley faces buttons
Example of smiley faces on buttons

2) Products 

You could also consider adding images to buttons – for example an image of your products. This is a great way of defining the product or service a customer is giving feedback on. Images help to avoid confusion. Images help to connect your user to your unique service or brand.


Feedback buttons with product images
Example of feedback buttons with product images on them

3) Icons

Using symbols can provide a common visual language that bridges communication barriers making surveys more accessible. Icons also improve visual interest, grab the user’s attention, and can communicate an idea quickly. Thumbs up and thumbs down, for example, can quickly establish a response in terms of agreeing or disagreeing with a statement.


Feedback buttons displaying icons
Example of feedback buttons with icons on them

4) Brands

Brand icons added to feedback buttons, such as these social media icons, or alternatively using different brands for a survey in-store, resonate with customers quickly.


Feedback buttons with brands
Example of survey displaying brands

5) Colours

As well as enhancing the appearance of a survey, colours on buttons can be used to attract attention, create groups and aid understanding. Selecting colours that resonate with your brand, or with your target audience can help with the engagement of your survey.


feedback buttons with colours
Example of feedback buttons using gradient colour buttons

6) Numbers

Numbers are a clear ranking indicator for feedback. Commonly used in feedback surveys for NPS scores.

Feedback buttons with Numbers
Example of NPS / numbers on feedback buttons

7) Words

Last but not least, words on buttons help to tailor your survey to exactly what you need it to be! Icons, Smiley faces, and images on feedback buttons are all great for adding style and interest to your survey, but often just a simple text response is all that is needed to capture the insight from your audience.

Feedback buttons with text
Example of survey text being displays on feedback buttons

It is clear to see there are many options for designing buttons that communicate your feedback message to your audience. Using a mixture of styles can help keep feedback interesting and reduce the time it takes to complete a survey.

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