How to get unique, personalised student feedback – University of Warwick Case Study

The University of Warwick is capturing the opinions of its students in a uniquely personalised way, having worked with ViewPoint to develop customised feedback software.

Understanding the entire student journey

By linking real-time feedback with student identity cards, the Warwick University is achieving a richer and more contextualised view of its services. The university has installed ViewPoint touchscreen feedback kiosks with an integral card reader for measuring student satisfaction at the point-of-experience. Students swipe their ID cards when responding to a survey, giving the necessary confirmation of their identity and separating their responses from visitors to the university. 24/7, year-round surveys are equipping Warwick with a continuous flow of intelligence, helping it to regularly refine and improve its offering and maintain its position in the league tables.

We want to understand the entire student journey, and immediate feedback is key. ViewPoint’s ‘in-the-moment’ surveys are appealing to our students because they can answer them quickly and easily.

Whilst the feedback will be anonymised, it will be interesting to look at the satisfaction levels across the demographics e.g. between first and final year students.” Potter continued: “Accurate and swift gathering of feedback in our cafes, bars, restaurants and shops is embedded in our continuous improvement programme. We’re already seeing the benefits – for example, some of our value items needed to be more visible. ViewPoint’s solution was quick to install and is giving us a wealth of data that we are using to drive ongoing improvements.

Mark Potter - University of Warwick’s Head of Service Delivery Tweet

Given the proven links between student satisfaction, recruitment and financial performance, the ability to identify and resolve sources of student dissatisfaction when they occur is a service differentiator.

Supporting student insight programmes

ViewPoint currently supports student insight programmes at a number of leading universities, including Birmingham, Leeds, Edinburgh and De Montfort, enabling them to drive up student satisfaction. High quality real-time feedback enables targeted corrective actions to be implemented swiftly, preventing escalation. The pain points of gathering and analysing data are eliminated, freeing universities to focus on what matters most to their students without spending time on the number-crunching. ViewPoint’s validation software quarantines unreliable responses, giving universities the confidence to act on the data.   

ViewPoint’s feedback solutions have been invaluable for us to better capture, track and report on our customer’s opinion, and hence develop insights more quickly and effectively into our student, staff and customer experience. We are able to easily track our Net Promoter Scores, required for University reporting and used as KPIs for our business. Since capturing feedback through ViewPoint, our ‘in the moment’ NPS has increased by around 15 points and has helped us to increase the number of ‘You said, we did’ moments based on our customer feedback, having a positive effect on overall satisfaction. We have been able to capture more views from our customers using both ViewPoint’s in-the-moment feedback kiosks, and their online survey tool. This in turn has given us a simple yet powerful set of consolidated, near real-time customer data to enhance the overall experience and help us make real improvements to our service offering.

John Carter, the University of Warwick’s service Delivery Manager Tweet

About ViewPoint survey solutions

ViewPoint helps organisations to radically improve the quality of their services. Our interactive feedback technology engages with customers, employees and stakeholders to understand their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the experience they encountered.

Our unique smiley face surveys attract, engage, and encourage users to leave their thoughts. Four reasons feedback kiosks are the preferred feedback collection method:

  • Lower cost customer survey solution
  • Suitable for all environments
  • Reliable and always on
  • Highly accurate insights


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