The best way to get accurate retail experience feedback

One of the biggest challenges that brick-and-mortar stores are facing is the increased competition from online retailers. Since the beginning of the pandemic, more people are shopping online—and it’s a trend that’s set to continue in the future. However, brick-and-mortar stores have something that online retailers lack: the human touch.

Gartner predicts that customer experience (CX) will be a key competitive crux for organisations over the next few years. That means that evaluating and responding to a customer’s experience is one of the crucial ways that brick-and-mortar retailers can stay competitive.

Collecting in-the-moment feedback in 2021

In-the-moment feedback is the best way to get accurate customer experience information since it’s an immediate, hassle-free way for customers to offer their opinion—as long as feedback terminals are in the right place. The placement of any feedback terminal should strategically align with what feedback you need to collect.

Here are a few options for strategically placing feedback kiosks based on the type of information you’re hoping to collect:

1. At the exit

Feedback kiosks tucked away near an ATM aren’t likely to attract attention. When feedback kiosks are right near the exit doors, they enter every customer’s line of sight on the way out. This is a good place to put feedback machines if you’re interested in more general information about how well your customers’ overall experience was since they’re at the end of their journey. It can also be a convenient way to get vital information about how safe and hygienic your location is. 

2. At pickup locations

New pickup procedures can take a while to streamline; getting feedback along the way will help you adapt and delight your customers with swift service tailored to their needs. Customers who shop via pickup services have a unique perspective on how well your online store integrates with your physical location. While they’re waiting for their order, a kiosk at a pickup location is a great way to ask them about how convenient they felt the pickup was, if they would order this way again in the future, and any other questions about the process. If you implement another process at the same location, customisable feedback kiosks from ViewPoint make it easy to pivot and tailor your questions accordingly.

3. Just after checkout

In smaller stores, the checkout terminal is the primary customer service interaction point and an important place to collect feedback. Feedback about the checkout process is a way to quantify the customer service performance of their shopping experience. You can use data from kiosks at checkout to determine what employees might need more training, or if you need to deploy more resources during specific times. 

4. In each department

Stores with multiple departments juggle a lot of data and inevitably some departments get left to lag. Customer feedback kiosks in each department will tell you which departments get the most traffic and leave customers the most satisfied and can also help identify zones with staffing issues. ViewPoint kiosks offer readable metrics to help CX management understand the data and take action, even across several departments.

5. In the staff break room

One of the best ways to wow your customers is one of the most intangible: have satisfied staff. Without a safe way for retail employees to give feedback to management, stores run the risk of letting workplace issues fester. Keeping a feedback kiosk in the staff break room is one of the best ways to collect accurate feedback on management.

Monitoring the changing landscape of retail

Increased price sensitivity and new shopping behaviours mean it’s more important than ever to monitor the changing landscape of retail. Unlike mobile apps or online surveys, feedback kiosks from ViewPoint let you collect the information you want without requiring your customer to do anything other than hover their hand over the screen. Touchless technology and self-sanitising screens mean your kiosk won’t be a risk to your customers’ safety.

Asking for feedback is more than just about collecting data: it’s a signal to your customers (and staff) that you care about their experience. Your customer experience is part of your product—make it a quality one.

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ViewPoint helps organisations to radically improve the quality of their services. Our interactive feedback technology engages with customers, employees and stakeholders to understand their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the experience they encountered.

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