Looking After Our Healthcare Heroes During the Covid-19 Outbreak

Supporting NHS Trusts provide effective staff feedback solutions to hear from their own teams during this challenging time

The Covid-19 pandemic is a unique event in our lifetime; it is the collective efforts of every single one of us that will help us to overcome the risk to public health. That said, there are obviously teams of individuals that have a bigger part to play – and here I am thinking about our healthcare heroes.

When the first wave hit, hospitals found themselves with an unprecedented demand for their services. As a nation we witnessed the dedication of our doctors and nurses, doing everything in their power to manage the situation. As we clapped our appreciation on our doorsteps on a Thursday evening, our NHS healthcare heroes were tirelessly balancing the needs of their patients, hospitals, their own health, and that of their families. For this, we cannot thank them enough.

Understand frontline needs to bolster an effective response

During the pandemic, we were proud to be asked to support one NHS trust in their efforts to support their staff as best they could. Liverpool Hospital NHS Trust recognizing the strain their staff were under, approached us to establish a structured solution to help them truly understand the issues. Using in-the-moment feedback they were able to capture the feelings of their staff quickly and transform the insight into actionable plans to provide extra support exactly where it was needed.

Supporting our NHS healthcare teams during the second wave

As we head into the second wave, hospitals do so with a better understanding of the enormity of the task ahead. A significant piece of this task will be understanding how they can help their teams respond to the demands they face. To help, ViewPoint has released its Staff Matter: Covid Survey, which is designed specifically to support hospital leaders to understand the issues faced by their own staff.

Working with the NHS

The Staff Matter: Covid Survey will help hospital leaders stay connected with all their employees during an extremely demanding time. Designed to fit naturally into staff routines, staff feedback kiosks will capture the true picture in real-time.

We have a proud history of working with the NHS that spans decades. During this time, we have provided effective solutions for a wide range of needs including the Friends and Family Test, employee surveys, and patient well-being. It is due to understanding this need for effective insight quickly, that we designed the Staff Matter: Covid Survey.

The Staff Matter: Covid Survey features:

  • Pre-written staff well-being survey – that can be amended on demand
  • Survey deployed on to the kiosk of your choice
  • Easy to purchase on a single transaction
  • Delivered ready to plug and play
  • Unlimited access to your secure online dashboard
  • Continual support from our UK based customer care team.
For more detail about how to support your healthcare staff as winter approaches please download our Staff Matter: Covid Survey brochure. Or speak to a member of our team on +44 333 3355 640 for a survey demonstration.

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