NEW: Completely Touchless Technology For In-The-Moment Feedback

ViewPoint are excited to share the news about the official launch of their new feedback devices, featuring touchless technology.

New, touchless feedback devices are being installed by ViewPoint customers across the world. Feedback is essential to business growth; our customers know that. Instead of compromising on this valuable insight to reduce the risk of virus transmission, they leapt at the opportunity to utilize ViewPoint touchless technology.

Intuitive Feedback Technology for 2020

ViewPoint’s touchless solutions work exactly as you would expect from an industry-leading dedicated feedback provider. What’s unique about the ViewPoint solution is just how quick and simple it is to use in-the-moment. Whilst many touchless solutions on the market rely on using an individual’s own technology to access a link or QR code, we use feedback kiosks enabled with our own gesture recognition technology which tracks a user’s hand and records a response when the hand is held over a button.

Andy Childerhouse, CEO for ViewPoint comments “It was important to us all at ViewPoint that we developed a solution that doesn’t add burden to the user. Real time feedback is valuable as it offers undeniably accurate feedback quickly. Anything that adds friction to the process will compromise the integrity of the data gained. ViewPoint’s gesture recognition software reaps all the benefits of in-the-moment feedback, whilst eliminating the risks of Covid transmission.”



Capture – Analyse – Improve

Feedback is automatically uploaded to our customers’ secure online dashboards. From there they can delve deep into the feedback to understand issues. Teams are then able to address any concerns and make changes which will improve the customer and employee experience.


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