Real-time Feedback During COVID Vaccinations

Ensuring that you can quickly and easily gather feedback during COVID vaccinations is vital to help gauge and improve how people are feeling about their vaccination experience, in addition to getting insights into friends and family test (FFT) feedback. 

ViewPoint is pleased to be powering the feedback solutions for some of the United Kingdom’s vaccination centres and our data shows that patients are eager to provide quick tap feedback about their experience.

From all of our experience, here are the most important factors to consider:

  • Quick turnaround is crucial
  • Protect against COVID infection concerns
  • Ensure quality and compliance
  • Keep surveys accessible

Read on for some of our key findings about how to collect feedback during COVID.

Quick turnaround is crucial

There are three timelines to consider when implementing a feedback solution: how fast it takes to deploy, how fast it takes your patients to fill out the survey, and how fast you’re able to collect the data once they do.

Real-time feedback kiosks from ViewPoint are one of the best ways to collect data quickly. Feedback kiosks can be deployed in days and are plug and play so you can start collecting responses immediately, patients can share their feedback in seconds, and your analytics dashboard is updated in real-time so problems can be addressed as they arise.

Protect against COVID infection concern

All feedback kiosks come with an antimicrobial Nanoshield film that self-disinfects without cleaners or wipes. The Nanoshield technology uses copper nanoparticles to coat the surface, which eliminates viruses and bacteria keeping you and your feedback devices safe.

nano shield

Ensure data compliance and quality

Your patients’ digital health is just as important as their physical health, and it’s essential that all information collected is done so in compliance with data security laws. ViewPoint’s kiosks are all ISO 27001:2017 certified. ISO 27001 is an internationally recognised standard for information security and represents best practices in data handling and storage.

Our solutions also give you all-important trust in your feedback data as our Valid8™ specialist software validates all responses meaning that any nonsense data, such as children messing around, is filtered out.

Keep surveys accessible

While text and online surveys are convenient, it’s important to remember that not everyone has easy access to a smartphone or the internet. Giving patients the option of a kiosk means your surveys will be more accessible to everyone. Before deploying a feedback solution, you need to ensure if your patients have any additional needs:

  • Multilingual: ViewPoint’s smiley-face feedback solutions help break language barriers and all ViewPoint Pulse kiosks have multilingual options as standard
  • Large-print versions: Survey questions need to support large-print versions to ensure older patients can respond easily


Responsive care means addressing the needs of your entire patient population. The best way to do that is to make your surveys as accessible as possible, so the feedback represents everyone in your community.

About ViewPoint kiosks

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About ViewPoint Feedback Kiosks

ViewPoint kiosks offer the best solution for real-time, in-the-moment feedback in health care. They offer flexible surveys to customise questions for patients and staff, and simple metrics that deliver the results in real-time, wherever they’re needed.

In-the-moment feedback is 40% more accurate than feedback collected after the fact. Our kiosks allow your clinic to pinpoint your patients’ real experiences, along with our patented Valid8 technology that filters out prank responses. Assess staffing issues, monitor improvements, and compare departments to deliver the best service possible, with easy-to-understand metrics.

We’re a UK based organisation and we’re here to help you manage your kiosk, with account management experts that are on call whenever you need them.

Reduce your administrative burden with software that helps you administer COVID vaccines as quickly and safely as possible.


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