Top 10 Questions HR & Wellbeing Managers Would Ask Their Employees

Top 10 employee wellbeing questions - survey solutions

At a recent exhibition, we asked HR professionals & wellbeing experts; “given the chance to ask daily, what would you ask your team or employees?”

This sparked lots of different conversations about the value of giving employees a route to have their voices heard within the workplace.  Providing a structure to do this in an objective manner,  in a way that can be recorded and monitored gives these HR Managers the opportunity to harness the ideas and feelings of their employees.

There were lots of questions posed over the duration of the Health & Wellbeing at Work 2-day conference, but they all fell within similar themes. 

Let’s see what they had to say:

1) Are you happy?

Happiness is important. We spend a big proportion of our day at work, and therefore it is important that those times can contribute to a person’s overall happiness.  Read more about employee happiness and why it matters here – Employee Happiness on the Agenda


2) What motivates you at work?

Motivation at work can fall in to any one of, or a combination of, money, status, power, and passion.  Harnessing motivation in the right way can positively influence productivity,. Asking what motivates can help to uncover the common goal you are working towards. And help identify which of the internal initiatives mean most and achieve the best value for employees.


3) Do you feel able to speak up?

Having a voice is important for our mental well-being. Employees need to know that their knowledge and ideas are being considered within the working environment.


4) Do you feel safe?

Safety is one of our core fundamental needs, and it is important that this need is met in the workplace. Indeed, workers are entitled to work in an environment where any potential risk to their health and safety is properly controlled and, in addition, employees feel they have control over their safety. 


5) If you could change one thing in the workplace what would it be?

Employees will often ‘put up and shut up’ but what changes would they make if they could? Sometimes the small things can make a big difference to the way things work within the workplace. And your team are best placed to tell you what they are.


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6) What makes you feel accomplished at work?

Understanding what makes your own team feel accomplished helps you to build a culture based on a common set of values.


7) What are the biggest challenges you are facing at work this week?

There are good challenges and bad challenges. Knowing what your team is facing and why, can empower you to keep your team challenged in a positive sense.


8) If any problems, can we help in any way?

Support is important. Employers can not be responsible for every aspect of an employee’s life but a good employer will provide the signposting, resources, and support to help when times are tough.


9) How do you feel being back in the office?

Covid and the impact it had on daily lives are evidenced greatly in the return to the office environment. A whole host of emotions have arisen, and being able to monitor and respond to these in real-time helps you to minimise the lasting impact.


10) What does a great culture look like to you?

Are we heading in the same direction? Cultures are not the same, and misaligning a culture can cause a disconnect and seem disingenuous. As can moving a company towards a culture that sounds great on paper but doesn’t have meaning to the people in your team.


And let’s not forget, this extra special question that made us smile and reminded us of the importance of physical interactions.

Do you want a cuppa?

Because, whilst daily feedback can provide the quantity of data you need, on which to base decisions and plan initiatives, it is important that we also reach out and ask for conversations. These critical conversations can help to steer your decision-making and implementation plan.


As always, reach out to ViewPoint if you need to ask your employees any important questions. We’ll help you.




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