Touchless feedback kiosk for real-time insight

Touchless feedback kiosk.

 Introducing the 

ViewPoint Sense.

The completely touch-free in-the-moment feedback solution.

Viewpoint Sense touchless feedback kiosk

Using innovative technology, ViewPoint has launched its first, completely touch-free feedback kiosk. These touchless feedback kiosk solutions work in exactly the same way as the touchscreen kiosks – just without contact.

Touchless smiley face feedback

Using the well-loved ViewPoint smiley faces, users can register their feedback without making contact with the screen. The new ViewPoint Sense touchless feedback kiosk instantly registers the response when a finger hovers over the correct response. This intuitive way to register the feedback aligns perfectly with the touchscreen feedback kiosks customers are used to, making them so simple to use and accessible to all.

Real-time Feedback Improves Experiences

Real-time feedback involves capturing the thoughts and feelings of customers at the time of experience or immediately after an interaction. This “in-the-moment” feedback yields higher accuracy and greater response rates.

Capture feedback from customers, employees, patients, students, and passengers. Insights gleaned from the feedback gathered can then be used to create better experiences.


Feedback from Hygiene and Covid-safe priority environments

The ViewPoint Sense is perfect for use in any environment but particularly suited in environments where cleanliness is an extra precaution – for instance in hospitals and restrooms.

In-the-moment feedback – now touchless

In-the-moment feedback yields the benefits of volume and accuracy. Feedback in-the-moment has been proven to be up to 40% more accurate than feedback collected just 24 hours later. By lowering the hurdles for feedback through convenience and an easy smiley face solution, your people are more likely to offer their thoughts freely. More feedback equals greater accuracy of the data you are basing decisions on.


For a demo of the ViewPoint solution get in contact. We’d love to talk to you about capturing the thoughts and feelings of your people in your spaces.


Look out for a ViewPoint Sense in a venue near you soon. And be confident to leave your feedback. It really does help an organisation manage changes to create better experiences


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