Touchless Passenger Experience Monitoring in Airports and Stations

Touchless feedback kiosk

Passenger experience feedback from travelers passing through airports and stations will shape the post-Covid services of the future. Now, new touchless technologies offer a safe and effective way to capture this essential feedback and monitor your passengers’ experience. 

There has been an unprecedented change in the way the public use transport. Industry leaders are warning some of these changes will bed in for the long haul.  As a result, the passenger voice is now more important than ever. The passenger voice will feedback on the impact social distancing regimes are having on services today, whilst monitoring the longer-term changes that are establishing as these services regenerate.

What’s in a smiley face… feedback

Touchless feedback is an effective solution to access passenger sentiment insight quickly. Providing access to touchless feedback podiums throughout a passengers’ journey empowers them to tell you about their experience. You then monitor how passenger happiness changes as they interact with different parts of your service. This quickly tells you where issues are forming so that you can attend to the issue and prevent it from escalating.

Recently, some passengers have been hesitant to touch unnecessarily during their journeys. This had resulted in fewer opportunities for engagement. Touchless solutions, that use a simple wave gesture, as they pass through part of the station or airport combats this challenge. They are quick and have universal appeal. There’s no need for QR codes, website links, or crucially, touch.

Monitoring passenger experience with a smiley survey

And whilst they are commonly known for being in restrooms, those in-the-moment smiley face feedback kiosks can ask much more than “How clean is our restroom?” (although it can tell you that). Feedback left at stations and airports provides golden nuggets of information that help shape better operations. ViewPoint customers locate feedback machines on concourses, baggage claim, security, check-in, and more. Through the passenger feedback left, these organizations have improved check-in procedures, reduced waiting at security, and increased the value of services in waiting areas.

Passenger Services for now and for the future

Customers are aware of the problems that Covid imposes, and reports suggest they are adapting well to new regimes, timetables, and services. However, as the new normal beds in customers will start to develop new expectations of the services they use. Transport bosses need to understand what the new expectations are and react to them quickly – before they spiral out of reach.

There is every confidence that the travel industry will recover, but services are likely to look very different. The more strategic thinkers will take this opportunity to engage with passengers and ensure their voices are heard as the services of tomorrow are shaped. Put simply, passenger experience monitoring is the best and most robust way of ensuring services are fit for the new age.

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