Why Non Buyer Feedback Is So Elusive Yet So Powerful

Visitor or customer surveys are so common place, and rightly so, as the information gained can greatly assist an organisation to make informed decisions on service improvement, marketing, products, services, staffing levels and training. But many surveys only capture the visitor who pays, or the customer who transacts. What about the rest of the party, the browser or the non buying customer – where there was an intention to buy but they either couldn’t or wouldn’t complete the transaction?

 “Either you engage with the non buyer on site and help them to transact, or you learn from them why and what they’re not purchasing. Either way, doing nothing is not an option. It’s just too competitive out there.”

Typically, organisations only survey paying customers, because the prevalent technology is online surveys, (in many cases exclusively), with a survey only sent to customers following a transaction or via their till receipt. However, many organisations are finding that survey responses from these methods are now so low that the hunt is on for new ways to gain effective feedback.

Short in the moment surveys

We can now provide you with mounted tablets or kiosks as part of your customer experience feedback strategy. If you’ve not considered this before, then hang on for a moment whilst I explain why this is worth consideration.

If you only gain feedback after a transaction through an email survey or URL on a receipt, you’re limiting your insight.

Retailers, the NHS, universities, museums and leisure centres have all found tablets and kiosks highly effective for gaining transactional customer AND non buyer feedback. We have stories from all sectors that show how products, services, staff rotas and training have all been enhanced, improved or re designed following in-the-moment feedback.

One leading global retailer not only increased feedback response rates, but also gained over 20% of that feedback from non buyers. This provided unique and valuable insights into what and why their customers didn’t transact and led to changes in product selection and staff training to better meet customer requirements. The result is increased loyalty and sales.

Convert non buyers into customers

With ViewPoint’s new generation of research technology, you can realise the same benefits and convert your non buyers into paying customers. Enabling and tracking both customers and non-purchasers is the key and in the moment technology provides the solution. Don’t worry about device type, mounting or physical location – we sort all of that for you with our end-to-end solutions.

 “You get two chances. Either you engage with the browser in-store and help with their purchase or you learn from your browsers why they’re not purchasing – to inform your conversion strategies. Either way, doing nothing is not an option. It’s just too competitive out there.”

In this short article we focus on the use of short touch surveys, but remember ViewPoint is a multi channel CX provider. This means we can engage your customers, non buyers, students or visitors through their smartphones, by email, through devices or your web presence. All your data being in the one place – the ViewPoint CX Platform – means we can run analytics and empower you to visualise the information when and where you need it. Forget standard reports. We present interactively in dashboards, or direct to your existing data centres and management information systems.

Talk to us today about high quality, high volume, broad-demographical insight. We help our customers know their customers – and non buyers – better.

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