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Measure Csat scores with ViewPoint Feedback
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Measure Happiness : Fuel Growth

Engineer business growth by understanding and acting on happiness insights.

Satisfaction timeline: measure happiness

Happiness serves as a barometer of satisfaction and contentment, offering a deeper understanding of how stakeholders perceive and interact with your business.

Understanding and utilising feedback from employees, passengers, and customers is a powerful strategy for driving business growth. 

Harnessing insights from these sources enables businesses to make informed decisions, improve services, and foster stronger relationships, ultimately propelling sustainable growth.

  • Employee Engagement Boost
  • Enhanced Customer Experience
  • Refined Service Offerings
  • Strategic Decision-making

Effortless Feedback Simplified: Explore ViewPoint Hub

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Managing Your Feedback With The Hub

Complete solution to capture real-time feedback anywhere & transform it into powerful insights to increase customer and employee satisfaction.


Create new or amend existing surveys on demand throughout contract term. Run different surveys on different devices or same survey on all devices. Or a mixture!

ViewPoint’s survey creation tool allows you to build your full screen branded survey one screen/ question at a time. Unlimited questions, any configuration and add routing as required.

Let your user answer in their preferred language. Your results are all reported in the same survey dashboard, regardless of language chosen to respond.

Increase accessibility to your survey through Kiosks, Online, Apps, Websites or QR codes.

There are no limits on the number of responses your survey or surveys can collect. 


Access and analyse your results 24/7 through your secure portal, that updates instantly.

Create regular reports and auto send them to selected personnel.

Determine access to feedback dashboards by user, by survey or location

Set your required parameters, and if results fall outside an auto trigger alerts you.

In a single click you can download PDF reports, share live dashboards or generate an online link. Also, download in raw format on demand.


Add multiple users to your account, and assign user roles for different access types – Super User, Publisher, Reporting. 

Manage your surveys in ViewPoint’s unique surveys dashboard. Instantly see which surveys are actively collecting responses & manage quarantine rules.

Publish surveys to your locations from your dashboard, and the survey will instantly update on the device in that location. No need to leave your desk!

Add users and manage their access to reports and surveys depending on their required access.

Our team are available to assist and guide you through out your project. Whether is it technical assistance, reporting or survey structure, our experienced teams can support you.

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