Multi question surveys

Discover the WHY behind service rating scores. Short multi-question surveys delve deeper into customer and employee thoughts by asking why they feel the way they do.

Create bespoke surveys with a mix of rating, multiple choice and free text questions. This gives you the ability to drill down in to the detail of your feedback so that you can make timely and effective improvements.

Realtime customer feedback from ViewPoint

Uncover Meaning From Feedback Data

To understand the meaning of feedback you need to be able to interrogate it. Are opinions different by the day of the week for instance, or is it the time of day that matters? Or, maybe there are variances between departments or stores? Are queues worse on a Thursday around 2pm? Do employees find their weekly team briefings unengaging but department meetings inspiring?

By drilling down into data, to understand what needs to be done or to visualize the impact of any changes you have made, you are able to do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

Realtime customer feedback from ViewPoint

Sharing Feedback

For feedback insights to be useful they need to be shared throughout your organisation. Right from the board through to the people leaving the feedback in the first place.

Whether it’s feedback from a customer or employee, asking for views and then being seen to use it motivates more honest feedback. Our reporting tools allow you to share the right level of detail from your dashboard with the people who need to see it.

Realtime customer feedback from ViewPoint

Make Positive Changes At The Right Time

Knowing there was a problem a month after it occurred results in missed opportunities within your organization. Live alerts notify key personnel of an issue – for example, a rise in reports of unclean facilities – so that they can respond in the moment. You can deploy a team to clean the area before more customers are affected.

Often, there is a slow decline in an area which makes it difficult to pinpoint issues, ViewPoint reports visualize trends so that you can see where further investigation is needed in order to get to the root of the issue.

Realtime customer feedback from ViewPoint

Keep Them Coming Back For More

Research shows us that 86% of buyers will pay more for a better customer experience. An engaged employee is 43% more productive and 87% less likely to leave. It’s clear to see that keeping customers and employees happy will result in positive influences on your bottom line.

Often, it’s the little things that matter, for instance an item out of stock or lighting in an office space causing problems. Fixing these things as you go can avoid a landslide of discontent.

Realtime customer feedback from ViewPoint

See Your Improvements Boost Your Results

The realtime nature of ViewPoint smiley face surveys means you can line up satisfaction ratings with sales and see how the changes you make directly impact your bottom line.

Whether you’re a retailer who has just learned shoppers can’t find a product or a medical center realizing your satisfaction levels improve immediately after a staff training session, you’ll be able to stop guessing at what makes a difference.

Realtime customer feedback from ViewPoint

Insight to make better business decisions

Make smarter decisions

Real-time ViewPoint dashboards, accessible 24/7, provide all your feedback insight on demand. Snapshot dashboards are complemented by drill down graphs and charts to get you to the detail you need.


Evidence service improvement

Easily share and report on on service improvements with time and date stamped feedback that visualizes which changes influenced improvement and by how much.

Respond to issues quickly

Instant reporting and live alerts to nominated people help you stay one step ahead of the issue, and implement changes before problems escalate.

Improve experience

Analyse data quickly to manage improvements in order to create customer and employee experiences that drive better relationships, increased loyalty and greater engagement with your brand.

Capturing Accurate Real-Time Feedback

Fully customizable feedback kiosks provide a constant visual reminder that you care about how customers and employees feel. They are highly portable, grab attention in any setting and, as they are easy to use, customers and employees are drawn to leave their opinions time and time again.  Kiosks provide an appealing way of capturing opinion from all areas of your business, to provide you with all the insight you need.

Feedback With Confidence

Establishing an effective feedback programme is quick and easy with ViewPoint. Our dedicated team will help you every step of the way. Our packages come complete with everything you need to collect feedback from day one. It’s all wrapped up in a simple solution, so that you can focus your time and energy on the results you get.

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  • Dedicated Customer Service Support
  • Fully Customize Surveys
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