Online & Embedded Surveys

Capture feedback quickly and easily with online smiley face feedback - for websites, apps, & internal employee portals.

Capture Smiley Face Feedback Online


Use online channels to reach more people with your survey: extending the reach of your feedback.

Online smiley face feedback, that can be accessed through your website, QR code, or URL link, give your people the opportunity to leave feedback in their preferred way and in their own time.

Stand alone or part of a full solution

Online surveys can be used as a stand-alone feedback solution, or integrated into a full solution utilising both onsite and off-site feedback capture

Mirrored surveys - online and on location

Single survey feeding into one dashboard to view, analyse and report on all your feedback data from one place.

Simple smiley face feedback

Simple feedback buttons that make it quick and easy to complete the survey with a few clicks.

Brandable and Customisable

Build your own survey to your own needs using a mixture of question styles including smiley face rating questions and free text responses, all displayed with your own branding on screen.

Unlimited survey changes

Change your survey on demand - easily swap between employee feedback, event feedback, and customer satisfaction surveys.

Multi-Channel Approach to Feedback


Use multi-channel feedback solutions for more accurate insights & higher response rates

In your spaces

Real time Feedback In your spaces
  • Feedback Kiosk
  • QR codes
  • Portable Tablet

On the go

Feedback on the Go with QR and mobile surveys
  • QR codes
  • Text message
  • Social media

In their spaces

Remote real time Feedback capture feedback online
  • Website
  • Email
  • Apps
ViewPoint multi channel feedback

Analyse your feedback in one place


Collate feedback from multiple touchpoints and anaylse in a single dashboard to get a holistic view of customer and employee feelings.

Delve into data to view each channel individually and discover similarities and differences.

ViewPoint solutions Measure Satisfaction

Results accessible 24/7

Share results quickly and easily

Feedback solutions that help you understand experiences

Safe systems for complete data security

Know how your people are feeling right now

Additional ways to capture feedback - in-the-moment


ViewPoint Pulse

ViewPoint Sense

ViewPoint Trend