Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Real-time patient feedback that improves performance

Improve patient care and measure staff performance

Use real-time feedback to improve healthcare services and patient outcomes. Our real-time patient survey feedback can track patient satisfaction, visitor experience, and staff wellbeing. 

Automated data collection and live dashboard reporting gives healthcare teams immediate access to the data they need – and saves staff time enabling them to focus on the activities that matter most.

Patient Services Ratings
Friends & Family Test
Patient Satisfaction
Visitor or Staff Feedback

Monitor standards of care

Satisfaction Levels

Identify how satisfied patients are with waiting times and staff helpfulness

Monitor Improvements

See how patient satisfaction increases with service improvements

Benchmark Services

Compare departments, shifts, and locations, and share best practices

Monitor Standards of Care
Operational Alerts

Find and fix problems in real-time with operational alerts

Staff Helpfulness

Get feedback from patients and visitors to monitor standards of care

Staff Resourcing

Identify times where staff resource does not meet patient demand

Implementing patient satisfaction surveys

Our patient experience feedback kiosks


Stay in touch with your staff during the response to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

NEW Staff Matter: Covid Survey

Know how pressures or problems are affecting staff well-being and support staff to maintain the necessary standards of care.

Client stories

North Middlesex NHS Trust

ViewPoint Pulse feedback terminals were used to support the Friends and Family Test throughout North Middlesex NHS Trust including Outpatients, Maternity and A&E. 

ViewPoint Pulse Feedback Terminals

The Pulse feedback terminals are part of ViewPoint’s multi-channel trust-wide solutions, which are helping the NHS gain practical and usable feedback from patients, carers and staff. The trust also used more reflective ViewPoint Online Surveys as part of their patient feedback strategy, together with a range of handheld tablets using the ViewPoint patient feedback app.

The ViewPoint patient surveys are specially designed to ask ‘core questions’ across the hospital so that all services can be compared, monitored and improved.

Local services are also able to ask their own specific questions as required. Dashboards give real-time and actionable views of all responses as determined for each user.

We are really pleased with the ViewPoint kiosks. It is clear to see they are appealing to our patients. Working with ViewPoint has been a great experience. I look forward to having more and more patient feedback flooding in.

Nichole McIntosh, Assistant Director of Nursing at North Middlesex Tweet

Why Choose ViewPoint Feedback Solutions?


We provide simple to use patient engagement solutions that are robust, cost-effective and deliver consistent levels of feedback data enabling health managers to make important, patient-centric decisions.

Founded in 2001

Two decades of experience and over 16 years’ NHS & healthcare experience

Service & Support

Easily test, launch and manage your surveys with our support teams

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Single Point of Access

Your data is at your fingertips and easily get deeper insights at the click of a button

Bespoke Analysis​

We offer bespoke analysis and reporting with specialist dashboards​

Over 100m+ Responses

Engaging surveys & kiosks people just can’t help but use

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The ViewPoint Hub

Discover more about the ViewPoint Hub. Now get in touch for a personalised demo and tour of the Hub! Call us on 0333 3355 640

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Smiley faces for surveys, the friendly way to collect feedback

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Improving Patient Experience

Case Study: Improving Patient Experience

Simple to use patient engagement solutions that are robust, cost-effective and deliver consistent levels of qualitative and quantitative data – thereby enabling health managers to make important, patient-centric decisions. TEWV turned to ViewPoint for help and advice, implementing the award-winning ViewPoint real-time survey and feedback solution as part of their strategic plan to improve overall levels of Patient Experience at the Trust.

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