Push button feedback device

Whether you call it feedback or a survey we make it easy for people to tell you what they think. ViewPoint helps you get feedback at the “Push of a Button”.

Push button survey solutions

Use ViewPoint’s Touchless or Touchscreen terminals to capture customer and staff experience data. The complete package solution includes:
  • Innovative, attractive feedback kiosk of your choice
  • Your Survey. Your way – No templates, you’re in control!
  • No fuss upload – Your feedback is ready to analyse & report on in real time.
  • Unwavering customer support there to help you. Always.

Push button feedback kiosks

Interactive kiosks capture real-time feedback at the point of interaction. ViewPoint’s unique push button feedback surveys attract, engage, and encourage users to leave their thoughts.

Four reasons feedback kiosks are the preferred feedback collection method:

Our push button feedback solutions

ViewPoint Wave
with Touchless Buttons

ViewPoint Pulse
Touchless and Touch Options

ViewPoint Trend

Your survey - your way!

For surveys designed to engage we provide the flexibility for you to choose what the feedback screens look like,  Smiley faces, Stars, Buttons, Thumbs, Widgets or Oojamaflips or let us do it for you.

Types of Feedback

How can we help you? We provide solutions to meet every feedback need.

Improving Customer Experience with a push of a button

Companies across the global are improving thanks to push button feedback. Organisations such as Amazon, Experian, Accenture and Emirates NBD have all benefited from knowing exactly how customers and employees feel, thanks to ViewPoint.

Customer and Staff happiness is important!

ViewPoint push button devices enable you to track how satisfied staff, customers, patients, visitors and students are through the use of engaging surveys that upload results in to your secure dashboard in real time. Your dashboard is accessible 24/7 allowing you to monitor results and live alerts can be enabled to notify you of issues as they occur – directly to your inbox.

You can get a push button rating survey quote here

Know when your customers are Happy… or not!

Feedback devices are an ideal way for your customers to tell you if the are happy with the touch of a button – Green smiley face for happy, red for not happy and a range in between to provide a scale of satisfaction. Every touch of the button is fed in to the ViewPoint customer experience platform, where data is presented in a secure interactive dashboard – giving you all your happiness information at your fingertips – 24/7.  Call or email us to chat about what you want to achieve.

Our push button feedback devices are working for many organisations internationally – and our popularity is fueled by their ability to deliver hour by hour satisfaction reporting in an instant.  ViewPoint feedback kiosks are finding out if customers are happy as they step off the tube, cruise the med, receive healthcare or are popping down to their local supermarket; there really are endless possibilities for in the moment feedback.

Surveys designed to impress!

Surveys need to engage! ViewPoint gives you the flexibility to choose exactly how your survey looks and feels. By using a combination of Smiley faces, Stars, Buttons, Thumbs, Images or Text you can create a survey that pops!

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