Feedback for Retirement Communities that Flourish

The voice of your community is important. Make the changes that matter to your residents, visitors and staff with real-time feedback.

Real-time feedback for retirement communities & care homes


Design bespoke, engaging surveys that show the community you’re listening. Whether it’s feedback on meals, activities, working conditions, or life at home; you’ll know exactly what you’re doing right, and where you can improve.

Retirement Community Feedback

Capture experiences across your community with up-to-the-minute data on staff, resident, and visitor satisfaction. ViewPoint feedback kiosks automatically aggregate the data into one clear dashboard, making it easy to take action where it counts.

Man using a push button feeedback machine at a counter

Capture Retirement Community Feedback

Resident Activity - retirement community Feedback

Resident Activity Feedback

Feedback kiosks near activity areas help give residents a say in what truly enriches their lives, so you can invest in activities that improve their well-being.


Communal Services & Facilities

Community hubs are where your staff, residents, and visitors come together to interact. Kiosks in these areas can help capture the experiences of all three groups at once.

measure staff engagement in retirement community feedback

Staff Engagement & Feedback

Create a culture of engagement by understanding exactly how staff feel. Feedback helps to monitor changing moods so you can quickly discover what causes disengagement and fix it.

monitor health and wellbeing with retirement community feedback

Health & Wellbeing

Protect the health and wellbeing of residents by providing a place for them to anonymously voice their concerns, 24/7.

Visitor Feedback in Retirement Village community

Visitor & Overall Satisfaction

Track satisfaction levels among residents, visitors and staff to get a top-down view of how happy your community is.

sales and visitor feedback in retirement communities


Find out how to make viewings more effective, with data on what potential residents thought of their visit. Streamline your sales process to help your community grow.

Smiley face surveys, the friendly way to collect feedback


Smiley faces for surveys immediately evoke a far more welcoming response than even the most straightforward text base survey. And a growing trend towards using smileys in surveys shows how organisations are using this multicultural and accessible retirement community feedback tool.

Smiley Face Survey - Fun_Smiley_VeryGood

Using real-time feedback in your retirement community & care homes


Real-time feedback surveys are extremely flexible to meet almost any feedback need in any environment. You can tailor your survey and device to suit your organisation, project or location.


Fix operational problems as they arise
and prevent further issues

Monitor change

Collect feedback when trialling new
processes to see how they affect your customer experience

Track trends

Gather a consistent stream of experience feedback to understand highs and lows

Benchmark services

Use feedback data to compare locations, business units or service providers, share best practices and highlight weak spots

Improve your quality of care


Using real-time feedback for more accurate & higher responses

More Accurate


At the point or in the moment feedback is 40% more accurate than feedback collected 24 hours after the experience.

Higher Response Rate


In-the-moment feedback can reach up to 25% of your footfall and can increase response rates by up to 500% vs online.


Live alerts give management an automatic heads up when satisfaction dips too low. See the effects of your improvements over time with data that’s always up to date.


Capture responses from anyone, anywhere. ViewPoint kiosks can be placed anywhere in the community, and used in tandem with online or tablet versions of the same survey.


Get up-to-the-minute information for management, with filters that make it possible to drill down to specific locations or populations.

Retirement community feedback : Real-time solutions


ViewPoint Pulse

ViewPoint Trend

dashboard app on phone

Share your success story


Export results right from your dashboard to share your success story with residents, prospective clients, board members, and staff. As you continue to use feedback to improve, you can use positive scores as proof of your commitment to quality.

Here are four important ways you can use positive feedback results:

Show residents you’re listening

Convert potential buyers

Help residents create real communities

Increase staff engagement

About ViewPoint


ViewPoint helps organisations to radically improve the quality of their services. Our interactive feedback technology engages with consumers, patients, employees, and any other stakeholders, to understand their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the experience they encountered.

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Hear the voice of your community


The voice of your community is a critical source of word of mouth referrals. Become part of the conversation with real-time feedback that helps keep it positive.

Ready to start making a change in your community? Get in touch with us to ask how real-time feedback can help you.