Boost Satisfaction with Smiley Face Feedback Kiosks

Real-time feedback solutions, using smiley face feedback, are simple to use, proven and immediate.

A simple touch on a smiley face feedback kiosk and you can gather a detailed view of customer or employee happiness.

Offering a choice of smiley faces gives the respondent a quick and easy way to quickly relate to how they feel about their experience. Use data to track issues and this feedback becomes a powerful source of service improvement insight.

Complete Feedback Solutions

Our complete feedback solutions merge superior surveys, with multi channel feedback capture and reporting software to allow you to design improvement.

ViewPoint Pulse with superior survey screen and survey branding

ViewPoint Smiley Face Feedback Solutions

Simple ways to understand how your customers or employees feel.


Capture feelings with Smiley face feedback


Analyse experiences with Smiley face feedback


Improve perfromance with Smiley face feedback


Why Smiley Face Feedback?

The use of Smiley Face Surveys for feedback creates an instant opportunity for customers and employees to tell you what they think. No delays – simply an immediate reaction to how they are feeling right now – at the point they experience your service.

But don’t stop there… Our clients, such as the University of Glasgow, Amazon, and Network Rail, gain even more rich insights from one or two quick follow-on questions, which establish WHY your customers feel the way they do.

Unique Survey Solutions

ViewPoint’s unique survey design software creates beautiful, interactive, on-brand questionnaires which, when combined with ViewPoint feedback kiosks, can be located within stores, hospitals, offices… in fact almost any environment.

Our solutions also give you all-important trust in your feedback data as our Valid8™ specialist software validates all responses; meaning that any nonsense data, such as children messing around, is filtered out.

Using feedback technology, customers, employees, or visitors quickly touch a smiley face – or another choice of image – to give you their feedback in real-time.


Smiley face feedback Survey screen asking the question how do you feel
ViewPoint Pulse collecting feedback in busy airport

Instant Reporting from Smiley Face Feedback

ViewPoint provides online dashboard feedback reporting, live alerts, and customized reports, enabling managers to rapidly respond to service dips or failures, customer requirements, or other exceptional feedback.  

The exact time of day of every response is captured, which means we can demonstrate service levels over time, across all customer-facing areas of your organization.

By categorizing and making sense of the data, our intelligent sentiment analysis tools remove the pain of sifting through thousands of customer comments.


Use Smiley Face Feedback Kiosks to Build Customer Loyalty

Customers enjoy feeling valued.  If they think you are indifferent to them, then they probably feel the same way about you.  Our interactive smiley surveys are driving customer loyalty, repeat business and increased customer spend.

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Stay safe

Touch or touchless feedback capture to suit your environment.

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