Smiley face surveys are a simple way to show how you are feeling

Smiley Face Surveys: Measure Satisfaction Instantly

By making it really simple for your customers to leave feedback, you can improve customer satisfaction, increase profitability and grow customer loyalty.  

A choice of smiley faces gives the respondent a quick and easy way to rate your service, report issues and give you feedback.


Understand how your customers or employees feel with smiley face surveys

The use of Smiley Face Surveys creates an instant opportunity for customers to tell you what they think. No delays – simply an immediate reaction to how they are feeling right now – at the point they experience your service.

But we don’t stop there. Our clients are gaining rich insights from one or two quick follow-on questions, which helps you understand WHY your customers feel the way they do. 

Smiley Face Survey

Try a Smiley Face Survey

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Smiley Faces for Surveys

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Why Smiley Face Surveys?

By simply pressing on a smiley face your customers’ or employees’ can tell you instantly how they feel. 

This means you can use real-time data to examine and track issues; therefore becoming a powerful source of service improvement insight. 

By making it simple for your customers to respond you can: 

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Feedback Reporting: Get Actionable Insights

Turn a smiley face into business insights

To uncover the real value of capturing feedback you need to use the results to implement improvements. ViewPoint makes it easy for you to access your data, helping you to gain the insights you need to make decisions– and share what you discover.

Smiley face feedback turns feelings into insight, through quick view reports, CSAT scores, interactive dashboards & scheduled reporting.

Reporting Feedback in Real Time

The real-time nature of ViewPoint smiley face surveys means you can line up satisfaction ratings with sales and see how the changes you make directly impact your bottom line.

Whether you’re a retailer who has just learned shoppers can’t find a product or a medical centre realising your satisfaction levels improve immediately after a staff training session, you’ll be able to stop guessing at what makes a difference.

Smiley face feedback turned in to attractive graphs and charts

The friendly way to collect feedback


A simple smiley face could change the way that you analyse and understand customer satisfaction in your organisation. Smiley faces for surveys immediately evoke a far more welcoming response than even the most straightforward text base survey. And a growing trend towards using smileys in surveys shows how organisations are using this effective and multicultural customer experience collection tool.

Smiley Face Survey - Fun_Smiley_VeryGood

Validating Smiley Face Surveys

Using touch screen technology, customers or visitors can quickly touch a smiley face to give you their feedback in real-time.

Our solutions also give you all-important trust in your feedback data as our Valid8™ specialist software validates all responses. This means any nonsense data, such as children messing around, is automatically filtered out.

Smiley Face Scale
Live Alerts

Concerning service ratings are loaded directly to your online dashboard feedback report, which drives live alerts and customised reports. This enables managers to rapidly respond to service dips or failures, customer requirements, or other exception feedback.  

The exact time of day of every response is captured, which means you can demonstrate service levels over time, across all areas of your organisation.

Love Your Customers

Customers enjoy feeling valued.

 If they think you are indifferent to them, then they probably feel the same way about you.  

Our interactive smiley surveys are driving customer loyalty, repeat business and increased customer spending.

Show your customers you care about their feelings by taking the steps to listen to them.

Types of Feedback

How can we help you? We provide solutions to meet every feedback need.

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Using smiley face surveys to understand customer satisfaction

If you want to boost customer satisfaction, you’ve arrived at the right place. Knowing and understanding how to use smiley face surveys to leverage customer satisfaction can be very advantageous to your business and overall marketing strategy. In this article, we review the power of smiley face surveys; what they can mean for your customer retention and how they work.

Why use Smiley Face Surveys?

Smiley face surveys are intuitive and easy to understand, and they work in every country across multiple industries. But beyond this, there are several reasons that make smiley face surveys so appealing to business owners the world over. So why should you use smiley face surveys to collect data about your customers? We’ve summed it up as follows;

1. For Visual Appeal

Regarding the visual appeal of smiley face surveys, a study revealed that respondents spend more time looking at smiley faces. Why is this? Because the human brain is an expert at visuals – with 60% of the brain involved in visual processing and 90% of the information sent to the brain being visual.

2. For Emotional Engagement

Emojis and smiley faces as a means to measure customer feelings and emotions are easier to grasp by humans, as they represent a feeling in the form of a picture. Businesses are mostly concerned about customer feelings and emotions, and interested in finding what makes their customers happy. For this reason, measuring customer emotions with a smiley survey will perform far better than any other type of existing interface.

3. Smiley Face Surveys are User-Friendly

One of the best features of smiley face surveys is the fact that they’re user-friendly. Customers simply love using emojis, with over 5 billion emojis sent per day on Facebook Messenger – you can only imagine the business opportunities that abound within the use of these user-friendly little images. Just to think of all the other messaging apps, social networking websites, and its estimated 7 billion worldwide mobile users. Emojis are everywhere and one of the easiest ways to show your level of customer satisfaction.

4. You get a High Response Rate

As a business owner or manager, you should expect a high response rate with a smiley face survey. Because respondents are more likely to select an emoji as compared to a radio button, the use of emojis is more reflective of the respondent’s emotions – and they are given the assurance of being heard.

What are smiley face surveys and how they work?

A smiley face survey is a survey that uses smileys, smiley faces, or emojis in order to collect precious and useful feedback data. Smiley face surveys can help you collect feedback from customers, staff or employees, subscribers, and website visitors for some very important purposes. 

Instead of sending a questionnaire, you can simply and effectively use smiley faces with a question, and customers will gladly select the most appropriate response in the form of a friendly face emoji.

Measuring customer satisfaction with smiley face surveys

The key to measuring customer satisfaction with smiley face surveys lies within their simplicity and ease of use. The simple fact is that people love to give feedback when it’s quick and easy. They love to share their thoughts when they are able to do so freely and easily. The smiley face survey provides you with the ideal means to easily track and measure customer satisfaction. And follow-up questions enable the customer to say exactly what they mean to, while providing you with great insights and room to improve. Make the surveys really simple for customers of all ages to use, and you’ll reap the rewards.

Tracking your CSAT scores

Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) can be tracked with smiley face surveys. All you have to do to calculate your score is divide all the positive responses by the total number of responses, and then multiply this number by 100. The result is your exact CSAT percentage score. This score can aid tremendously in improving overall customer retention and satisfaction for your company if used in conjunction with smiley face surveys.

Multi-question pulse feedback

Short multi-question surveys reveal a lot about customer and employee thoughts by asking why they feel the way they do – and not only what they feel. Create tailored surveys with a mix of rating, multiple choice and free text questions to get the best results. This will help you drill into the detail of your feedback in order to make timely and effective improvements throughout your organisation.

Uncover meaning from feedback data

Uncover meaningful information by letting customers and staff use a touchscreen terminal to experience data. The complete smiley face survey solution is highly innovative in attracting customer feedback data from a kiosk of your choice. Your feedback is ready to analyze and report in real-time, revealing unwavering customer data to help you improve your customer service and support department and keep your customers happy at all times.

Smiley Face Surveys Are Easy to Use, Effective and Results Orientated.

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A simple smiley face could change the way that you analyse and understand customer satisfaction in your organisation. Smiley faces for surveys immediately evoke a far more welcoming response than even the most straightforward text base survey. And a growing trend towards using smileys in surveys shows how organisations are using this effective and multicultural customer experience collection tool.

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