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Create easy to use, fully accessible, interactive and on-brand kiosk surveys that deliver fast results.
Real-time service indicators that also achieve a rapid return on your investment. 

The essential customer survey tool

  • Easy to use feedback capturing views and opinions of all demographics 
  • Multi-language enabling you to capture all nationalities
  • Large fonts and flexible survey design making it accessible for all ages and abilities
  • Advanced Functionality for a resource that can be fixed or portable – secure and robust
  • Highly Secure with lock-down software and encryped data – UK hosted
  • Total Solutions. We can provide a total solution designed for you or you can utilise existing hardware and in-house resources
  • Full Support – reporting, further analysis and training options are all available.
ViewPoint Pulse collecting feedback in busy airport
ViewPoint has become an essential business tool for everyone in the team. Everything we do is geared towards improving service - and ViewPoint really helps us take the customer service bar to new levels.

"We use the kiosks at a variety of venues - including the University's nursery and swimming pool. They are easy to use and have delivered considerable benefits. We're big fans."
Richard Handscombe
Head of Marketing at the University of Leeds

Improving Customer Service with Feedback

The University of Leeds is one of hundreds of organisations to benefit from a significant reduction in its customer insight costs and the amount of staff time spent administering surveys. With ViewPoint, they are seeing the quality of the Survey Kiosk feedback sourced from customers, students and members of the public improve dramatically.

ViewPoint software can sit on a range of survey devices, which we can supply as a total survey solution. Alternatively, you may have your own devices where our ViewPoint app could be loaded. As strategic partners of IBM and Toshiba, their hardware is included in our range of kiosk options. The IBM AnyPlace Kiosks are known as ‘retail hardened’ meaning they’re tough and can withstand knocks, having a life span in excess of 7 years.

Our touch screen feedback system includes other multi-mode options. You can buy or rent our touch screens, or our secure UK hosted ViewPoint kiosk survey software application will operate on existing hardware. For more details on interactive kiosk packages click here to contact us.

Types of Feedback

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Implementing feedback kiosks in your businesss


A Relationship-Centred Approach to Retirement Villages and Care Homes

Strong communities are vital to the health and wellbeing of their residents. This is especially true in retirement communities and aged care home settings, where residents rely on staff and their community to flourish. A relationship-centred care approach that takes the experiences of residents, staff and visitors into account is one of the best ways to help ensure a healthy and strong community.

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Smiley Face Survey Example

Smiley faces for surveys, the friendly way to collect feedback

A simple smiley face could change the way that you analyse and understand customer satisfaction in your organisation. Smiley faces for surveys immediately evoke a far more welcoming response than even the most straightforward text base survey. And a growing trend towards using smileys in surveys shows how organisations are using this effective and multicultural customer experience collection tool.

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ViewPoint Quick Tap Survey Solutions

Quick Tap Surveys: The Fastest Way to Collect Feedback

Quick tap surveys are an elegant solution to one of the main issues with surveys: overcoming the barrier to quick, accurate responses. They make it easy for people to give in-person feedback in just a few seconds, while their experience with your company is still top of mind.

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The Ultimate Guide to Employee Pulse Surveys

Pulse surveys can help take the guesswork out of what initiatives to focus on, giving managers a chance to make truly employee-directed change. Additionally, instant feedback makes it easier to keep up in dynamic environments where change happens quickly. If you already conduct annual engagement surveys, adding pulse surveys can make them much more actionable.

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Improving Patient Experience

Case Study: Improving Patient Experience

Simple to use patient engagement solutions that are robust, cost-effective and deliver consistent levels of qualitative and quantitative data – thereby enabling health managers to make important, patient-centric decisions. TEWV turned to ViewPoint for help and advice, implementing the award-winning ViewPoint real-time survey and feedback solution as part of their strategic plan to improve overall levels of Patient Experience at the Trust.

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Customer Feedback: How to Close the Loop

It sounds simple, but closing the loop is easier said than done. Even business owners with the best of intentions can struggle to know what questions to ask, what feedback to act on, and how to follow up with their customers. Yet, when done right, closed-loop feedback is one of the best ways businesses can hone in on what’s working for them—and what isn’t.

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The best ways to help increase employee engagement

While most managers spend a lot of time giving feedback to employees, it’s all too often a one-way street. Getting the perspectives of your employees in the workplace is one of the best ways to help increase employee engagement. Engaged employees are the ones that solve problems, cheer on their team, and put in a little bit of extra effort when it’s necessary.

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