Touchless Feedback

Touchless surveys for a post-Covid world. Immediate results without the hassle of QR codes. ViewPoint’s touchless technology uses gesture recognition to accurately capture real-time feedback in any setting.

Real-time feedback without touch

Use ViewPoint’s feedback terminals to capture customer and staff experience data. The complete package solution includes:
  • Innovative, attractive feedback kiosk of your choice
  • Your Survey. Your way – No templates, you’re in control!
  • No-fuss upload – Your feedback is ready to analyze & report on in real-time.
  • Unwavering customer support there to help you. Always.
Touchless feedback kiosk

Powerful yet simple insights

Find out what you get with the ViewPoint feedback solutions.

Keep them coming back for more

Research shows us that 86% of buyers will pay more for a better customer experience. An engaged employee is 43% more productive and 87% less likely to leave. It’s clear to see that keeping customers and employees happy will result in positive influences on your bottom line.

Often, it’s the little things that matter, for instance an item out of stock or lighting in an office space causing problems. Fixing these things as you go can avoid a landslide of discontent.

See your improvements boost your results

The realtime nature of ViewPoint smiley face surveys means you can line up satisfaction ratings with sales and see how the changes you make directly impact your bottom line.

Whether you’re a retailer who has just learned shoppers can’t find a product or a medical center realizing your satisfaction levels improve immediately after a staff training session, you’ll be able to stop guessing at what makes a difference.

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Capturing accurate real-time feedback

Fully customizable feedback kiosks provide a constant visual reminder that you care about how your customers and employees feel.

Whether touchscreen or touchless, they are highly portable and grab attention in any setting. Best of all, as they are easy to use customers and employees are drawn to them to leave their opinion on their experience.

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