ViewPoint Sense

Sense touchless feedback kiosk has all the benefits of real-time feedback capture without physical touch

Viewpoint Sense touchless feedback kiosk

ViewPoint Sense Touchless Feedback Device


We know you want to hear the views of the people in your spaces.

Touchless kiosks provide you with the means to ask your people, your questions, in your environment about their experience. 

Sense uses ViewPoint’s unique feedback technology to create an intuitive experience that captures these responses without contact with the screen.

Quick and easy feedback without contact.

Sense Touchless Feedback


The ViewPoint Sense offers a completely 100% touch-free feedback experience so you can capture real-time, on-site feedback easily and safely.

ViewPoint Feedback Sense with touchless icon web

Fully brandable

Fully brandable survey, device head and stand

Intuitive technology

Accurate and quick response selection - use like a touchscreen just without contact!

Eye catching and portable

Engaging kiosk grabs the attention of passers-by,
drawing them to leave feedback


The same device will register responses with or without touch - your user decides

Benefits of Real Time Feedback


Use real-time feedback for more accurate insights & higher response rates

More Accurate


At the point of experience or in the moment feedback is 40% more accurate than feedback collected 24 hours after the experience.

Higher Response Rate


In-the-moment feedback can reach up to 25% of your footfall and can increase response rates by up to 500% vs online.

Feedback from Hygiene and Covid-safe priority environments


Perfect for high footfall areas for feedback on the go, or areas where hygiene is more of concern such as hospitals or restrooms.

Same ViewPoint survey flexibility without touching the screen.

ViewPoint solutions Measure Satisfaction

Compatible with all question styles

Quick response selection

Feedback solutions that help you understand experiences

Avoids virus transmission

Accurate response capture

Alternative ways to capture real-time feedback


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