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Feedback solutions that are simple to use, proven and immediate.​

Pulse Feedback Kiosk

Your kiosk is your way of capturing feedback in the moment in your spaces.

As your kiosk captures the attention of your people, it automatically uploads responses in to the ViewPoint Hub.

Whether a free standing, counter top or wall mounted style, your Pulse communicates seamlessly to the Hub where you can design surveys, publish and view results – all from the comfort of your desk.

In The Moment Feedback


The Pulse provides versatility and impact to your feedback project.

Eye Catching Kiosk

The pulse has two facing panels for maximum visual impact. 

You can choose from one of our standard designs – or create your own.

Full Colour Screen

Display surveys wonderfully on this full colour high definition screen. 

Survey displays can support images, icons & gifs.

Portable & Flexible

This light weight kiosk provides flexibility for locating and moving your device.

For example, you can take your device to an event for the day or move between customer and employee areas depending on the survey running.


Amend the kiosk to suit your needs with ease. Whether adding a backboard, using a battery pack or adding a SIM card. 


It is all possible with the Pulse.


Inclusive & Accessible

The Pulse stands at 1300mm tall, therefore accessible to wheelchair users. Easy read surveys and visual cues can be used to ensure inclusivity



Counter top ViewPoint Pulse feedback device

Counter Top

Wall Mounted ViewPoint Pulse feedback device

Wall Mounted

Why choose the Pulse?

Oozing with sophistication and just waiting for you to personalise with your own style, the ViewPoint Pulse offers the ultimate in flexible feedback capture.

Unique attention grabbing design 

The unique design of the Pulse means users can see it, and quick understand its purpose, as they approach from different angles.

Flexible solution 

Lightweight and portable,  with many options to style, the Pulse gives you control over the look and feel of your project, whilst maintaining opportunities to flex your requirements and sweat the asset.

Maximise response volumes

The Pulse is slick and engaging giving users an effortless feedback experience.

Real-time reporting included as standard

Our powerful analytics and live, dynamic dashboard help you keep your finger on the feedback pulse, 24/7. Actionable insights enable you to understand what your customers and employees are thinking. 

Identify issues, make changes and measure their impact in real-time.

Managing Your Feedback With The Hub

Complete solution to capture real-time feedback anywhere & transform it into powerful insights to increase customer and employee satisfaction.


Create new or amend existing surveys on demand throughout contract term. Run different surveys on different devices or same survey on all devices. Or a mixture!

ViewPoint’s survey creation tool allows you to build your full screen branded survey one screen/ question at a time. Unlimited questions, any configuration and add routing as required.

Let your user answer in their preferred language. Your results are all reported in the same survey dashboard, regardless of language chosen to respond.

Increase accessibility to your survey through Kiosks, Online, Apps, Websites or QR codes.

There are no limits on the number of responses your survey or surveys can collect. 


Access and analyse your results 24/7 through your secure portal, that updates instantly.

Create regular reports and auto send them to selected personnel.

Determine access to feedback dashboards by user, by survey or location

Set your required parameters, and if results fall outside an auto trigger alerts you.

In a single click you can download PDF reports, share live dashboards or generate an online link. Also, download in raw format on demand.


Add multiple users to your account, and assign user roles for different access types – Super User, Publisher, Reporting. 

Manage your surveys in ViewPoint’s unique surveys dashboard. Instantly see which surveys are actively collecting responses & manage quarantine rules.

Publish surveys to your locations from your dashboard, and the survey will instantly update on the device in that location. No need to leave your desk!

Add users and manage their access to reports and surveys depending on their required access.

Our team are available to assist and guide you through out your project. Whether is it technical assistance, reporting or survey structure, our experienced teams can support you.

Alternative ways to capture real-time feedback


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