ViewPoint Wave with Touchless Technology

Feedback solutions that are simple to use, proven and immediate.

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Why choose the Wave?


Touchless feedback
Completely eliminates Covid infection concerns.

Battery Operated, Plug and play ready
Unbox the Wave and start collecting feedback within minutes.

Maximise response volumes
The Wave is perfect for quick, high volume feedback enabling you to understand sentiment and track trends.

ViewPoint Wave featuring Touchless Technology for safe feedback

Touchless Technology

ViewPoint’s unique touchless technology uses gesture recognition to accurately capture real-time feedback in any setting. Keeping feedback simple and in-the-moment results in higher response rates and more timely feedback.

ViewPoint Wave Black Touchless Technology
ViewPoint Wave White with Touchless Technology

Powerful yet simple insights

Find out what you get with the ViewPoint Pulse

Real-time reporting included as standard

Our powerful analytics and live, dynamic dashboard help you keep your finger on the feedback pulse, 24/7. Actionable insights enable you to understand what your customers and employees are thinking. Identify issues, make changes and measure their impact in real-time.

quick view analytics dashboard viewpoint
quickview analytics dashboard viewpoint

Feedback with confidence

Establishing an effective feedback programme is quick and easy with ViewPoint. Our dedicated team will help you every step of the way. Our packages come complete with everything you need to collect feedback from day one. It's all wrapped up in a simple solution, so that you can focus your time and energy on the results you get.

Feedback Solutions

We have a solution for every situation. Find the device that’s right for you.

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